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Entertainment Industry Writing

A collection of essays written for various entertainment-based courses at the University of Alabama

Each of the following pieces received a grade of an A or A+ in their respective classes.

American Pop Music

This class surveys pop music: the stuff that Americans have actually listened to. The main focus will be on commercial mainstreams and democratic audiences – how selling sound led to different identities being expressed through taste and style. Race, gender, class, sexuality, age, region, technology, and the music business were all considered as the course moved from rock and roll  in the 1940s to pop today. In each essay, several songs were analyzed, connecting music to larger themes through primary and secondary sources and in-class discussion.


Click on an image below to find a link to read each piece.

Film Festivals and Independent Cinema

This class examines the vast yet intimate world of independent films and film festival culture. While studying abroad in Galway, Ireland, I covered the annual Galway Film Fleadh, one of Europe's premiere film festivals.

Click the image below to read the whole piece.

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