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Kevin Lyman has felt like he’s been attending his own funeral over the last six days. On November 15, 2017 it was announced the world’s longest traveling music festival, Vans Warped Tour, would give its 24th and final cross-country run this summer. Since the news broke, the creator behind the massive production has been getting a range of responses to the decision.

Bowling to Earn, Or Bowling on Behalf? Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick Talks His Podcast, Producing, Warped Tour and More

What started out as a curious tweet turned into an opportunity to chat with a truly awesome artist. Check out my HuffPost interview with Jaret Reddick from the Grammy-nominated band Bowling For Soup! We talked about a TON of things--his podcast, Warped Tour, girl power in the rock music scene, his mental health experiences and more.

Looking on the “Bright Side” With Singer-Songwriter Kris Angelis

Let me tell you--the world has been in such a dark, sad place recently. I've spent a lot of time reflecting on this and I've been turning to music to help lift my spirits and think about how lucky I am. Wonderfully enough, singer-songwriter Kris Angelis just released a perfect song to help look on the "Bright Side" of things.

Paris Carney As O’Neill Hudson: Hitting The Jackpot With Her Single “Lucky” And New Music Project

After nearly 3 decades of pursuing her passion for singing, singer/songwriter Paris Carney is ready to independently shine through her new project and persona, “O’Neill Hudson.” In the following interview, I talked with Carney about her musical roots, creating and performing with her family, and finding her independent voice in a new musical endeavor.

10 Summertime Songs That You May Not Have Heard Before

Having the right songs to be the soundtrack to your beach trips, poolside hangs, or sunny long-distance drives is essential. If you’re looking to stray away from the hottest hits that play on loop on the radio, my eclectic taste in music is here to help. Below are a few of my favorite tracks that can spice up your summer playlist.

For Better Or For Worse: Netflix’s Continued Efforts To Feature Content About Mental Illness

It should not come as a surprise that television content creators are getting bolder with what they show to viewers. Perhaps among the most bold is the online streaming service Netflix. As a leading excavator in pursuit to feature intense and in-depth topics in their shows, certain series from this outlet have featured complicated social issues at the center of their plots. I think it’s immensely important to explore the consequences and reactions of unraveling these intense subjects through platforms that primarily have had the purpose to entertain.

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